An Innovative and Holistic Approach: How IT Can Be

Macnamara ICT Ltd, founded in 2003, and located in Hoxton, serves Greater London and beyond. We were one of the UK’s first Managed IT Service Providers (MSPs). Where others were providing only “fix-it-and-leave” services, we had the foresight to realise that our clients systems required a “holistic” IT approach, taking into account their individual business needs and long-term goals.  Macnamara uses the most up-to-date, cost-effective and innovative technologies to meet our clients’ unique requirements, implementing tailored, perfectly suited solutions to ensure their IT always helps them succeed.

Our Mission

Macnamara focuses on precision, detail, and organisation. With the rapidly increasing changes in technology we understand that most businesses can no longer maintain IT systems on their own. We aim to provide superior technology that runs smoothly, so a company’s staff can better perform their responsibilities and increase their productivity, rather than worrying about IT.  We implement high quality technology solutions using a proactive approach to prevent technology problems. In fact, we pride ourselves on how rarely our helpdesk phones ring. Our solutions are designed with the latest technologies in mind, combined with exactly what our clients need to make their businesses thrive.

Our Vision

Macnamara models itself on professional services firms, and works to bring a similar level of certainty in the service we provide. While doing this, we focus on customer service excellence. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality personalized customer service to all our clients.  We are able to meet all of our clients’ needs as our core team is complimented by experienced professional IT contractors who also deploy the Macnamara approach to excellent customer service.

Our Services

Macnamara is 100% committed to using cloud services as an enabling technology for all sizes and types of business. Our technology partners and suppliers are chosen based on the benefits of the technologies they offer, including cloud solutions. We work with Microsoft and other cloud providers, and have well-established partnerships with the best-in-class technology partners and suppliers, including Dell, StorageCraft, Exponential-e, and Zen Internet.  Above all, we provide what our clients need to make their businesses thrive.  This, with our eagerness to explore the latest applicable technologies ensures our clients have a competitive edge over others in their industry.