Studiodare Architects

London Architects get to work doing what they do best, with hassle-free IT

With Freddy McBride | Director | Studiodare Architects


Hoxton Hall

London Youth Arts Charity overhauls network with Microsoft’s Server Essentials and Office 365 for Non-Profits

With Jo Rogers | General Manager | Hoxton Hall


Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation

A Professional Membership Body Boosts IT Reliability and Cuts Costs with Macnamara ICT and Microsoft.

With Brian Murrell | Director Of Corporate Services | Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation


Macnamara ICT & Zen Internet

Providing a platform for cloud success with great support

With Geoff Courts | Marketing Manager | Macnamara ICT


Green ICT | Microsoft Ask The Experts

I’d like to be a bit more eco-friendly, but not if it’s going to cost me money – is it possible for a small business to be both lean and green?

Interview with Geoff Courts | Operations Manager | Macnamara ICT

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