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A Professional Membership Body Boosts IT Reliability and Cuts Costs with Macnamara ICT and Microsoft.

Brian Murrell | Director Of Corporate Services | Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation

The Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation (CIHT) is a professional organisation for people who work in the transportation industry.  They have over 12,500 members in the UK and across the world, and 20 employees based in London. Their core objectives are to promote best practices within the industry and help members develop themselves through qualifications.   It’s important for CIHT to provide their members with information in the way they require, so using the right technology is critical.

Two years ago, they were using old versions of Microsoft software, had 9 servers, and were relying on in-house IT support.  Their IT system was overly complex and unreliable, and they were experiencing frequent problems, including lost emails, access issues and downtimes. They were also concerned about the reliability of their backups. They couldn’t be entirely confident that their IT system was even going to work!

Macnamara Was The Right Partner

CIHT was thinking about using Microsoft Office 365.  They wanted to find the right partner to help them design the solution, so they chose Macnamara ICT.  Macnamara helped them explore how migrating to Office 365 and cloud technology could benefit them.

According to Brian Murrell, Director of Corporate Services, at CIHT:

“It’s fair to say we were reticent at first! Being cloud-based we didn’t know how safe it was or whether it would be slower.  After seeing it in action though, we knew it was a good fit and it really addressed all our needs.  We were confident that it was the best product available; Microsoft’s reputation and the 99.9% availability commitment they made sealed our decision.”

In addition to Office 356 Pro Plus, Macnamara installed and implemented:

  • Windows Servers (2008 R2),
  • Windows 7 Pro,
  • An SQL Server,
  • SharePoint,
  • Lync,
  • Digital Signage,
  • A Cisco Wireless Controller,
  • iPads and iPhones, and
  • ABE Xerox Managed Print Service

Brian went on to say:

“Macnamara ICT worked with us to plan and implement our full transition to Office 365 and it’s been pretty seamless.  We started on the Small Business Plan but in April 2013 moved across to the Midsize Business Package, with Macnamara ICT’s full guidance and support every step of the way.  We’ve been using Office 365 for over 12 months now and we’re seeing a number of notable benefits.”

CIHT is now using the latest version of Office. A big benefit for them is not worrying about future upgrades because they’re performed automatically.  Although most of the team at CIHT is office based, some key staff members travel around the UK regularly and need to access their work online. Office 365 offers them reliable and secure remote access capability and allows their staff members to get their jobs done wherever they are.

Brian remarked:

“We’ve made significant cost savings too!  We only have 3 servers now and we’re financially much better off because of the cost that’s been driven out and the efficiencies of having a more reliable system. The new service is definitely a cheaper option for us. Day-to-day user experience is so much better than where we came from. Our helpdesk calls are now focused on the new things we want to achieve rather than problems.”

“A more reliable journey by far with Office 365 and Macnamara!”

Today, Macnamara ICT provides CIHT fully managed IT services and they are currently working with the technical development department to work with SharePoint and other collaborative platforms in the production of industry and government-level technical papers, and to improve communications with their 12,500 members.

Brian says that he’d definitely refer Macnamara to other organizations and businesses:

“The best aspect about our relationship [with Macnamara] has got to be the reliability and security they gave us.  They really dealt with our issues around backup and information retrieval.  We have products that are easy to use, no hassle to manage and let us get on with our jobs rather than worrying about whether the system is going to work or not. Life is much less complicated, our IT is more reliable and we’ve significantly driven down costIt’s been a more reliable journey by far with Office 365 and Macnamara!”

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