MS PartnerMicrosoft Partners Since 2004

In business since 2003, Microsoft Partners since 2004, and since 2012, Microsoft Cloud Accelerate Partners.

We also have additional partnerships with key suppliers, such as Dell, Zen Internet, Exponential-e, Storage Craft, and ABE-Xerox. We also maintain close working relationships with other Line Of Business software support.

settingsRemote Support with a face

Our management platform allows us to monitor and support your systems remotely, however we support people, not machines, so if onsite support is required, we will be there. We make a point that every technician should visit every client so your team gets to know our team, and you know who you are speaking to.


All staff are required to take Microsoft exams to retain individual as well as company Microsoft Certified Partner status. Additionally, we are all members of the Chartered Institute of IT, and take additional training from our key technology partners.

healthcheckProfessional Services

We model our approach on a professional services model, in line with the Accounting & Legal professions, with a focus on process and record keeping. This forms the cornerstone of our reporting, which begins at the very start of the engagement with a comprehensive Network Assessment. This then forms the basis of the ongoing support service agreement. Reports are sent every month with a summary Network Health Score, a breakdown of all tickets opened during the last period, and details on the status of each machine.

Calm and Professional

Our ‘User Focus’ hours are 9am-11am where we process the start of day tickets and make sure everyone gets off to a good start. From 11am, the Service Desk rolls on, but focus can then be turned to medium term tickets and projects.

We pride ourselves on how little the phone rings, and our faith in our monitoring means that we can be confident that the majority of the time we’ll call you in the event that something goes awry, rather than the other way around.

cogTechnology and Process

With a heavy investment in the technology platform, configured alongside and in line with our existing processes and internal best practices, we can be confident in our overarching view of our client’s networks.

All monitoring is in real time, with automated remediation and alerts, so we know what is happening now, not what happened yesterday.

ticketsmFull Visibility

All around our office, dashboards give all staff members an ‘at a glance’ overview of all managed networks. Ticket queue status shows how many open issues are live; the Support mailbox shows all conversations with clients; Critical issues are ‘all hands on deck’ to resolve. Anyone can walk into the office at any point, and pick up on the current status of everything being managed. Are we Red? Or Green?


Reporting is a part of the core service from the very start of the engagement. We begin with a full Network Assessment, which establishes the basis for the ongoing support contract.

Subsequent monthly Network health reports give an overall network health status, along with a summary of all tickets opened during the period, by person, type, machine or software type, and a summary of the health of all managed machines under contract.

whiteboard 2 smManual Checks

Along with the automated systems, being a little ‘old school’ doesn’t hurt, so we back up our monitoring with manual checks, such as monthly server patch status and backup integrity. All client backups are tested at least once a quarter manually to make sure that files, and indeed entire servers, are recoverable.

office smFormal Vs Informal

Our formalised processes sit alongside generally informal personal relationships with our clients, the vast majority of whom we are on first name terms with. We are friendly, yet professional. All phone conversations relating to a job or ticket will be recorded either in an email or in the ticket notes to which it pertains. All of this helps us build up a detailed background and places us in a position of trust, as an outsourced IT Support company that works as part of your team.